Bag tag.

Hi everyone,

as a Team Titleist member, I'd like to know what I have to do to receive a Team Titleist Bag Tag for my new S82 bag.

I'm not sure what you have to do.  I received mine in the mail, there was no contest. It was just there one day.

So Ty, do you mean I only need to wait????

I havne't received mine either? Would love to sport one on my golf bag! :) Thanks Titleist.

I am not sure how often they send them out although if you post a lot Ive heard that u sometimes receive one in the mail.....

I'd Love to get one too.

I've read posts that say to contribute on the website until you are noticed. A couple others seemed to indicate that they might arrive on or near one's birthday. I'm hoping to get one too so let me know if you get a definitive answer 

I'm also still waiting for mine.

One of my friends said they made discussions and comented on threads and he got the bag tag so i would just say stay active on the site.

Yeah, just like everyone else said, it magically showed up in the mail one day. It was a nice surprise and I sport that all the time. 

I'm sure they will need to keep track of who is new and then compile a list to send those tags out. 

I'm thinking of getting the team Titleist put on to my next staff bag I order. 


I'd love to have one! It would fit in nicely with my SCGA Walker Tag and Pace of Play Tag.

I received some correspondence about a month ago about Titleist sending me a bag tag. I remember filling the out

questionnaire but I haven't received that tag yet.  ?????????????

I'd love to get one, it will look great on the new 14 way divider carry bag I've ordered.


A TT bag tag would complete my set.  Thanks in advance to the best equipment manufacturer around!

I signed up a couple weeks back but haven't received one yet. Can we just order one?

Well, I guess consider this me being active haha