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Olivia S


Ben K

Either a new driver, putter, or any titleist gear such as a shirt or balls.


Well, am set with the new AP2 712s, 913h and 913f and the new personalized/logo golf bag is on order, so a dozen (or even better, 2 dozen)of the new Prov1Xs would be great as would a golf towel and a nice womens golf hat. Anything to advertise TT!!! 


For an innocent mistake, this post turned out to be very cool!  

I would like a new Titleist towel for my staff bag.  To be greedy, I would also like to have Team Titleist alignment sticks. 

Brent P



Matt V

I just got my first titleist club, a 913 D2. I'd love to get fitted at a Regional Center, or headquarters for a new set of irons and wedges by the Voke


Ooh this sounds too good to be true, but here it goes..

1.  A set of AP1 irons 

2. A 913D2 driver

3. A 913F2 fairway wood

4. A 913H2 hybrid 3/4

5. Some nive Vokey wedges

6. And then to round off the clubs nicely a Scotty Cameron Putter

Then I could of course use a nice medium staff bag to fit it all in. Fill that up with some brilliant Pro V1 balls. Just to look the part of course I would love some Golf shirts a cap or two. Finally if you feel like it through an umbrella and some towels to.

Thanks guys its fun to day dream... :)

Francisco B

Get professional lessons from the titleist pga line up



No more snow.  Bring on summer already.  hahahaha


I'll second that.  Bring on the warm temps.

Bryan L

I would like to replace my png S59 (3-pw & 60,56,50 &SW) blades with a new set of AP2 irons (712 or even better the 714's), Vokey wedges and a Titleist 5 wood.  

Eight years ago I let my ego talk me into going from King Cobra irons, which I loved, straight into the png S59 blades.   This was a big mistake as i need some more forgiveness on my miss hits.  Each year  I found myself getting more and more frustrated rather than enjoying golf as i wasn't improving like i had been in the past using the Cobra Irons.  Last year i purchased a 910 D2 driver and 3 wood which i am very happy with. (Those replaced my King Cobra Driver and 3W)  I have also carried a Scotty Cameron circa 62 putter for the last 8 years which i love.  I have finally come to the point that I am ready to switch my whole bag over from png to Titleist.

 I have been a fan of cally tour golf balls in the past but am switching over to the Titleist ProV1x this year as well.  We have had a rough spring so far this year in Ohio so i cant wait to play my first round once the weather breaks.  I am ready for the best golfing year of my life.  :-) Thanks Titleist.  

Grier S

How about a new 913 D3 to go with the new Titleist bag and towel I picked up yesterday?!?!

Daniel A

I Just want one of those gift pacakges with a Bag Tag! oh and maybe some of the MB irons!

Josh G

Nice swag Olivia. My wife rocks that hat in tan all the time.  I love the TT sticker too. 

Since we're asking, I'd go for a tee time at Augusta National ( I'd settle for TPC Boston)


Such a range of wants from so many folks.  What is Titleist to make of this, I wonder?

james o

I've been reading this for a few days and just love everyone wants more Titleist golf stuff....glad to know I'm not the only one.