Ask and You Shall Receive

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Olivia S


Fred C


Such a range of wants from so many folks.  What is Titleist to make of this, I wonder?

Ted, We all like "free stuff" and It's nice to dream, but I fear all of this is a feeling of entitlement that we see far too much of these days.

Bruce F

How about simply offering the forged AP1's you sell in Korea as a custom option for US players

Michael C

Not to be greedy but I would love a 913f 15 degree 3 wood and a 913h 19 degree hybrid to complete my fully titleist bag

David C

I would really enjoy a nice lightweight cart bag and a set of 913 driver, fairway metal and hybrid.

Great way to kickoff the season.


joe t

More Birdies from the new personalized Pro V1's I just ordered.


Well if I had to ask for something as of right now, I'd probably ask for one of those Team Titleist bag tags or a box of ProV1x golf balls. That would make my day.

greg p

300 yard drives, right down the middle.

A round of golf with "The King" himself,Arnold Palmer

Mike C

How about we keep it simple...

Beautiful weather and great friends for more rounds of golf.  What could be better?

Nate B

a titleist lanyard and maybe a scotty cameron...

Joshua M

Can I have a 56* wedge?

Chris K

That'd be awesome if I could get a fitting from Scotty Cameron himself, a couple boxes of ProV1's, and one if those sweet greenT-shirts you posted on your Instagram page.  

John L

hahaha Olivia you really started a post that caught alot of reply's. funny how one typo to really start something

cheers greens and fairways 


greg p

I agree.  This thread is interesting.  Could go on 'n' on...