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Steve N

I am trying to work with the My Titleiest website and it is frustrating:

1) I have to log in with email address and password every single time, even though I click on the "remember me" button

2) The instagram link doesn't work.  When I click from My Titleist to Instagram I am taken to the log in page, which doesn't recognize my password.   I even tried resetting the Instagram password to something different, received an acknowledgement of the new password from Instagram - and it still wouldn't log me in from the My Titleist website.

This is just too much hassle.

Steve N

Didn't mean to be so harsh.  I was just trying to have fun with it and found that it was taking too much time trying to make Instagram work.

Incidentally, I just tried again and Instagram log-in still  didn't work.

I am probably the one doing something wrong. 

Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

Hi Steve,

No worries. We appreciate the feedback as it will help us make sure it is the best possible experience for everyone. We'll keep you posted on the fixes and if we're able to uncover why the Instagram connection isn't working for you.