Ask and You Shall Receive

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Mike P

Mike P

  The topic "Ask and You Shall Receive", WONDERFUL!  How about a set of 712's-( 3-PW), with KBS Regular Shafts. Titleist Family, Thank You, for Your Dedication to this Great Sport! Have a Great Day!

Dan S

Wow is it that easy? OK Santa I'll take a 913D2, 9.5, Diamana S+ Blue 62 shaft, and a 3wood to match..........

Nick P

2 things - for Scotty Cameron to come out with an arm-anchored putter.  Have tried other manufacturers versions and I really liked the putting stroke with the shaft running up my left forearm, but couldn't stand the look and feel.  Nothing beats a Cameron in those categories.


Lastly, my bag does not have a driver in it at the moment.  Sold my white nemesis over the winter and am going back to Titleist.  It's just a quetion of which one.  Probably a 913 D3, 10.5 degree, stiff Proforce V2 76. 


Always enjoy being able to share on this with my fellow Titleist loyalists.  Thanks!