Thanks Titleist and Cathi

Awesome shirt!

Joshua O


I also need to thank Cathi for the swag. We will keep on supporting and promoting the best brand in golf!

Cathi and the entire team are awesome to deal with.  Great people.


Thats awesome. Dont forget about this incredibly good lookin loyalist here Mrs. Cathi.

great looking shirt, but I really like the hat, nice and simple but still sharp looking.

Oh man I wish I could get some titleist swag.  Looks awesome.  I just joined Team titleist.  Been playing 710s and now 712 ap2s and pretty much a full bag of titleist gear.  Let me know what I gotta do to represent?!!  I'm playing oakley pro-am this april 22nd, would love to sport that!

This is why TT is awesome.....Love the way they stay connected with their loyalist....Welcome to TT Eddie 

WOW Im Jealous!! How does a guy get hooked up like that..........???????

WOW!! Nice swag!! Proud to be a TT member for sure!! 

how did u get that 

Congrats! Looks awesome! Titleist continues to take care of its community members!

Take a look at the first page, they just like spoiling members that contribute to T, TT and the discussion board!

Cool.  Man thats some good prizes.   My Jeep is saying I want some stickers.

Sweet!  Nice move Team Titleist.  Very cool stuff.

I does feel great to be one of the lucky ones from time to time.   Congrats!!