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With the upcoming Masters tournament, who is, in your opinion, the possible winner of this age-old contest? Will it be one of the new young guns on tour or one of the older Pros who finally makes the final cut and wins??

I am leaning toward Stricker, based on his last few performances and his more relaxed and accurate game of late. But that said, who knows. We wait and watch.

Fred C

We'd all love to see Stricker pull it off and he rolls it sooooo good. Plus, he's all about Titleist and Footjoy.

Tyler H

I like Stricker in the Masters this year, but then I have been saying that for several years. Hopefully this is his year.

Brian D

I would agree with Eagle.  I think if Strick can pull out a victory, it would only justify all of the hard work, dedication, appreciation, and all that he truly gives back to the golf community.

I would like to see a "Dufnering" moment under Eisenhower's tree though.



Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

Great question, Eagle3! Let's just tweak it a little...

Which Titleist Brand Ambassador or Golf Ball Loyalist do you think will win the Masters?

Personally, I'm looking forward to some great golf next week and couldn't be more excited for the first major on the PGA Tour.

Good tweak. And I still like Stricker's odds

Christian J

I wouldn't mind seeing Steve Stricker win it.  He has been around for along time, and really deserves ones.  He's been off to a hot start this year, and I believe this course suits him well.  I also expect Adam Scott to be in contention.  He is always around the top of the leaderboard when it comes to majors.  Personally I wouldn't mind seeing a lefty, not naming names, but he's been my favorite forever and hopefully he can win his fourth!


Luke Donald and Adam Scott are my choices this year.  Also Hunter Mahan.

Really like the drive of these guys.  They just need to keep it in the short grass.


Chris S

I'm going with Adam Scott. This is his year for a major. I'd like to see Stricker win one too.

 Chris S

Joshua L

If Adam Scott shows up to play the way he is capable of he can easily win. I would love to see him win a major especially after last years Open Championship.

Hopefully all four majors are won by the ProV1 this year.

Don O

Have been rooting for Steve for several years.

If not, then the winner will be left-handed and a previous winner.  And a 50/50 chance of playing a ProV1x.

Adam G

I personally like Stricker, or a couple of other players. All have been playing very well and know the course. I do not think it will be a new face. It will be someone who has been around a time or two. 

Dallin H

My money is on Adam Scott this year. He's going to make the Titleist and FJ brands proud.

Josh G

It's Masters time, as I'm sure you're all aware. Who's your pick?

i have to go with Adam Scott


This could be Adam Scott's year.  However, I have to go with Lee Westwood - he is due...


Tyler H

I like Stricker in the Masters this year, but then I have been saying that for several years. Hopefully this is his year.

Agree Tyler!  Hope he can pull one out as his time seems to be shorter and shorter.  He is a great guy that I believe deserves to have one in his closet when his career is up.

Tony C

Hey TT,

Wanna be the guy that said "I told ya so" when the golfer that you predicted puts on the green jacket this Sunday? Well here is your chance make your predictions! Keep in mind that they have to be a Titleist loyalist in some way, shape or form.

As for my prediction, I'm taking Louis Oosthuizen.

Good luck,

Tony C

Connor I.

I am leaning towards Lee Westwood, Louis Oosthuizen, or Steve Stricker. but for my prediction I am going with Lee Westwood because he is one of the best ball strikers on tour and I think hitting most GIR is going to be the key this week.


Good Luck!


Tom S.

Good Question....There's many good guys Im pulling for to do well...Ive got a gut feeling it's tme for Titleist ProV1x Loyalist................LEE WESTWOOD's time too finally win a major! He's knocking on 40 and they say players loose a little after that magic number.Times a ticking for him, hope he can finally break through.

Pete D


David Browning

What a week so far, eh? TONS of great stories. The leader board is loaded with Titleist Staff/Ball players. Remember, as history has said, "The Master's doesn't start until the back 9 on Sunday". Having said that, I'd love to see Jason Dufner or Steve Stricker win the Master's.