Customized Hats - Wish List

Started by : Andrew A |

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Andrew A

I wish Titleist offered a design your own hat similar to the My Joys that Foot Joy does.  Personally, I would love to customize the colors of the low profile visor and not be limited to the few selections that are currently offered.  The lay-out could remain the same, but to pick the base color and the thread colors of the Titleist, Pro V1 and FJ logo would be AWESOME!!!  I would own sooooooo many!!! 

Daniel A

So would I! That would be really neat! Plus if you could put your name on the back or something that would be awesome!



That sounds like a great idea.  

On the flip side, I wish there was a way to standardize, or maybe customize, the sizing (depth?) of the fitted hats.  I like my hats to sit down on my head, but I can take 6 of the same size and it's hit or miss on finding the fit that I'm looking for.  I guess that's the problem with having a large cranium :)

Fran M

I agree this would be something i would use, already buy at least 3 or 4 new visors every year! Great Idea!

Eddie M

This would be so ridiculously badass. One could only hope.

joe t

I'm looking for a Titleist pink colored hat for breast Cancer events this year. Anybody know what pro shop has them?

Olivia S

Defiantly! Would order a lot if that option was available! Great idea, hopefully Team Titleist will look into it,

Ryan P

I agree . I love the idea of making it mine.

Russ S

That would look great with the limited edition pink ProV1 !!


Custom hats would be a great idea.  Would like to be able to match up with the FJ apparel and shoe offerings.



Custom hats. Great idea!!!! Truly make your hat or visor personal.


At a minimum Titleist should offer the cubic mesh hats in the color combinations that big names like Adam Scott and Webb Simpson wear!  I know Zach Johnson wears this type of hat (granted different logos).  But it needs to be Black/White, White/Black, White/Navy, Navy/White.  No secondary colors bordering the script on the front.