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Tino R

I just looked and saw that my name is on the winning list for the latest sweepstakes winning.

How do i find out what prize I won?

Is there further action required to make sure i do not forgo receiving my prize?

Plus I am excited that my Brand new Custom CB's arrived today!

I love being a member of TT

Tino R

Suppose i did not win, i have not received an email regarding the give away?

Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

Hi Tino,

We have not sent out any of the confirmation emails yet, so there is still a chance that you may have been one of the winners. Our hope is to email all of the randomly selected winners by the end of this week to confirm eligibility and provide details on the prizes they won. Thanks.



Tino R

Mike, thanks for the response my name is on the list of winners i just want to make sure that my mail host does not block or spam the email.