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Brian D

This past weekend was a significant milestone for me.  I reached the FJA status.  For those of you who are not familiar with the FJ site, I strongly encourage you to participate.  The FJ community is another great stie from the parent company of Achusnet and shares similar perspecitives as the Team Titliest site.

As you can tell, I feel that between Titleist equipement and FJ footwear and apparel, I can't go wrong.

Performance is Titleist and FootJoy is for the Mark of a Player.




"As you can tell, I feel that between Titleist equipement and FJ footwear and apparel, I can't go wrong."  Both companies are top notch at engaging customers and putting out quality stuff.

Congrats Brian!  See you on the "other side"


Congrats Brian.  Huge achievement over at the FJA.

It is pretty cool over there and we get alot of apparel/outerwear/shoe information.


Tyler H

Congratulations Brian. You are correct in that the FootJoy Community is a great place to hang out.


Josh G

Dallin H


Congratulations on achieving your FJA status! Just like you, I love the FJ forum and I encourage everyone to join and participate.

Here here, just another awesome place to talk golf. Congratulations Buzza!

mark w

I am new to this community. Are there any incentives from Titliest at each milestone reached?



Congrats Brian!

Todd T

Congrats B!


Congrats again!

David C

Congratulations Brian:


It is a great forum just like TT.



Andrew O

Congrats  Brian on achieving FJA status!  Great accomplishment for sure.  I share your sentiment regarding Titleist and FootJoy...can't go wrong with putting products from each into play.  


Congrats Brian!  


Hey Buzza,

Congratulations again on your Ambassador status. You really are a worthy representative of the FootJoy and Titleist brands.

James B

Way to go & welcome to the club


Fred C

Welcome to the Footjoy Ambassador Club Brian. It's amazing how many of are also TT members. It just goes to show we know that quality products help us enjoy the game more and play our best.