Today i took the plunge

For the first time today i used exclusively titleist golf balls.  I used to use cally tour balls but since coming to this site and running out of my Callys I decided to make the switch.  I lost two ProV1's in the water but found two proV1x's under the same pine so I guess i broke even.  This was my first time out so i had a little rust but I am trying to see how much difference a ball can make so i plan on sticking with titleist exclusively to see if it improves my game.   I did notice on my putting the ProV1's seem to jump off the face of my putter.  They feel nice and soft on the green.  

I can't wait to go out again.  I go to a titleist demo days this sat to get fit for Irons and wedges.  I already have a Titleist driver, 3 wood and a scotty cameron putter.  My irons are png s59's and I need to save up for new irons but want to get fitted by a real titleist rep so when i can pull the trigger on the irons i will know exactly what to order.  

Has anyone else made a switch in balls and noticed a difference.  Please let me hear your stories.  Thanks

I've used some balls in the past to try to control side spin and height issues, but over time, both issues have improved.  To the point I was ballooning a little too much.  Received a gracious gift of 2013 ProV-1x balls and did some comparison to NXT Tour and a yellow 3 part ball.  Performance - flight, distance, feel, from bunkers, it was the 1x that felt the best.  On that alone it won.  My only issue is it is not available in optic yellow.  It was neat for a while finding the ball further down the fairway than I thought it had gone, but it does take up time to have search for the ball.  Any left or right movement just expanded the search area.

I played a round with a young guy using ProV-1x's.  I never saw his ball come down even from a 4I.  Always missed whether his drive had a fade or draw, it was long gone for me.  But the price of the ProV line definitely added value over less expensive balls.