Chomping at the Bit!

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I finally went out and paid for my 2013 membership yesterday.  A week ago we got 8 inches of snow, so #1 and # 2 are still covered in snow ... in fact the only things that weren't covered with snow  were:

  1. Part of the parking lot
  2. The path to the club house
  3. The Golf Carts

We are supposed to get near 70 this weekend ... I sure hope so.   I realize I live in N.E South Dakota ...  but I sure am looking forward to swinging the clubs and trying to get back to something that at least resembles playing golf  :)


My course has been open just over 1 week now :)   YAY!

I went out a few times, might even start wearing shorts tomorrow.

I am going to wait to take pics of the Bag Tag, the course management did such a great job last year (all things considered) I would like to do it justice by showing some nice green grass and trees :)

Keep your head down!

Fred C

We're glad you all are finally getting to play some golf up yonder. Y'all really need to consider a move to Texas and just visit up there in the summer.

Cathy E

We're finally starting to see some signs of spring here in northern MN - trees are budding and green grass is sprouting up in between all the brown stuff.  We could actually use a few days of gentle rain to green everything up - and then one REALLY long summer/fall of great golf opportunities!!

Cheers!  Cathy

Bill L

85 degrees, partly cloudy skies here. God bless Texas!


The course is in awesome shape, we got a little rain last week, perfect for the long weekend.  I got some test balls last November, played them (loved them) and reported the results ... today I played ProV1's I had from last year, I'm going to use the Test balls tomorrow, the greens are very responsive and I'm looking forward to doing a little magic on the greens :)

I figure after the long weekend aeration will happen, so I need to get a feel for the new ProV1's now.  In my opinion, nobody makes a better golf ball :)