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Curtis M

Saw this post on the FJ board and though it was an interesting question.  If you were a tour pro, who would you like to be sponsored by??   I am going with Titleist obviously, but I think I'd have to go with Miller Lite as well. 


I'll say the same I said on the FJ board.......it all depends on if i'm a new pro or an established star.  i'd love to sit here and say i would go with Titleist/FJ, but the reality is, you don't know how long your career will last.  so in all reality, i would go with the highest bidder.

however, in a perfect world, it would be Titleist and FJ.

Christian J

Club wise, I would definitely choose Titleist.  I love their equipment, and believe their stuff is the best.  Clothes wise, I would hope for Oakley.  I'm always wearing my Oaks, and am a big Zach Johnson and Bubba Watson fan as well, so it would be cool to have the same sponsors as those two.  Heck, I would be willing to take anyone that gave me a sponsorship though!

Shane K

Man nothing is more exciting then representing those companies you love,

1. Titleist

2. Oakley

3. Infiniti

4. Bushnell

5. New Castle

I would never change!

Shane K

2. Oakley

3. Infiniti

4. New Castle Beer

5. Bushnell


Titleist and Oakley

Trent J

1. Titleist for equipment

2. Footjoy for apparel

3. Apple for technology

4. Audi for automobiles

5. Urwerk for fine watches (Rolex as a backup!)

All of these in a "perfect" world, but I will never be a touring pro! Fun to dream, though, right?

Trent B

  1. Titleist
  2. Footjoy
  3. Travis Mathew
  4. House of Flemming
  5. Rolex
  6. Maui Jim
  7. Makers Mark
  8. Playboy

Trent J

Forgot to add a few.

6. Patrick Gibbons Handmade belts, cash covers, and yardage book.

7. Iliac for my head covers and other accessories!

I am very particular about who I would choose,  I have 3





I would have to go with:

1. Titleist for equipment

2. Burberry for clothing

3. Audemars Piguet or Rolex Watches

4. Macallan Scotch

5. Audi


Ben M


Foot Joy

Smart Wool

Boulevard Brewing Company

Waffle House 

Brad R

Titleist, Oakley, & foot joy

Dallin H


Apparel - Foot Joy from head to toe

Watch - Rolex

Car - BMW

High calorie supplier - In-n-out Burger

Post round beverage - Diet Mountain Dew

Dan W

If I were a tour pro, I could never put equipment up for sale. I could only ever play the clubs and ball I believed as best for me. As for the rest...

Audi or Jaguar for fine cars, Bell and Ross for fine watches, FJ or /// for clothes, Macallan scotch, and White Castle for fine dining.

Sometimes you just got to have some sliders.


TITLEIST - Clubs/Balls

FOOTJOY - Apparel


HOUSE OF FLEMMING - Belts/Scorecard Holders

BUGATTI -Automobiles(Lamborghini/Rolls Royce automobiles as back-ups)

BUSHNELL - Rangefinders

MUMM COGNAC - Cognac(Meukow Cognac backup)


COHIBA - Cuban Cigars(when I choose to puff)

Paul T

Good question!

1) Titleist

2) Oakley

3) Jack Daniels

4) Tobin James

Chris G


adidas shoes adiPURE white with black stripes

Foot Joy glove

Ralph Lauren logo shirt, Burberry plaid pants

Tag Heuer



Argyle socks

David B


2)Polo or Realtree




6)Zeiss Optics

7)Buffalo Wild Wings

8)Mountain Dew

I think mine sound more like Nascar sponsorships, ha ha!  I would also like to have a Jesus fish or three crosses on the back of my shirt between the shoulders and on my golf bag. 

Connor I.

Titleist | equipment

Footjoy | apparel

Oakley | sunglasses

Bushnell | rangefinder

Rolex | watch

Frogger ® | golf towel and accessories





If we're talking dream world, it would be:

TItleist = Clubs & Golf Balls

Foot-Joy = Shoes

Tag Heuer = Watches

Net-Jets = Getting to/from each event! :-)

BMW = Getting from airport to event! :-)

Scott C

Clubs--TITLEIST,,can't play anything else

Clothes--Oakley or UA



Supplements-Biosteel and Muscle Pharm