Who's your sponsor??

Saw this post on the FJ board and though it was an interesting question.  If you were a tour pro, who would you like to be sponsored by??   I am going with Titleist obviously, but I think I'd have to go with Miller Lite as well. 

Yes, very interesting question.

So long as I can dream, since I'll never be a tour player my list would be--


2. Ferrari

3. Breitling

4. Guinness

I'll say the same I said on the FJ board.......it all depends on if i'm a new pro or an established star.  i'd love to sit here and say i would go with Titleist/FJ, but the reality is, you don't know how long your career will last.  so in all reality, i would go with the highest bidder.

however, in a perfect world, it would be Titleist and FJ.

Club wise, I would definitely choose Titleist.  I love their equipment, and believe their stuff is the best.  Clothes wise, I would hope for Oakley.  I'm always wearing my Oaks, and am a big Zach Johnson and Bubba Watson fan as well, so it would be cool to have the same sponsors as those two.  Heck, I would be willing to take anyone that gave me a sponsorship though!

Man nothing is more exciting then representing those companies you love,

1. Titleist

2. Oakley

3. Infiniti

4. Bushnell

5. New Castle

I would never change!

2. Oakley

3. Infiniti

4. New Castle Beer

5. Bushnell

Titleist and Oakley

1. Titleist for equipment

2. Footjoy for apparel

3. Apple for technology

4. Audi for automobiles

5. Urwerk for fine watches (Rolex as a backup!)

All of these in a "perfect" world, but I will never be a touring pro! Fun to dream, though, right?

  1. Titleist
  2. Footjoy
  3. Travis Mathew
  4. House of Flemming
  5. Rolex
  6. Maui Jim
  7. Makers Mark
  8. Playboy

Forgot to add a few.

6. Patrick Gibbons Handmade belts, cash covers, and yardage book.

7. Iliac for my head covers and other accessories!

Nation post:

I am very particular about who I would choose,  I have 3




I would have to go with:

1. Titleist for equipment

2. Burberry for clothing

3. Audemars Piguet or Rolex Watches

4. Macallan Scotch

5. Audi



Foot Joy

Smart Wool

Boulevard Brewing Company

Waffle House 

Titleist, Oakley, & foot joy


Apparel - Foot Joy from head to toe

Watch - Rolex

Car - BMW

High calorie supplier - In-n-out Burger

Post round beverage - Diet Mountain Dew