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Thomas C

I'll be purchasing a full set of Titleist clubs next month after my fitting and want to buy a Titleist bag as well.  My home course is a walking course and I have the Clic gear cart.  Anybody have experience as to which model works best on the push cart?


Curtis M

Steve H


This bag works very well with my Clic Gear.  Your local Pro Shop can also have Titleist embroider your name on it as well.  Little over 2 bills.  You can find it right on this website.  Good luck.



Exactly!!!    I love that bag, very nice with the 14 dividers in it.  And again, be sure to have them stitch the TT logo in!!

Dallin H

The lightweight cart bag will work just fine. I've got my eyes on the blue one.

Thomas C

Thanks Guys for the information!  I bought the bag you all recommended (black/red/charcoal) and it works great!  Unfortunately, I live overseas and have to order all of my gear on-line so the stitching wasn't possible.  I can't wait to add my custom fit Titleist clubs in a few weeks!  I'll finally have my dream set of clubs and pictures will follow!