Back Injury Update

Titleist33 post:

Well I found out that my back is not as bad as first thought, I saw my neurosurgeon and I haven't broken any hardware in my fusion,that's great. I still have some back pain and I'm getting an injection next Friday to help calm the nerve down. So, I may get back out in the next couple of weeks playing again. Taking it easy of course.

That  is good news , practice your putting in The meantime !!!!

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Been through the fusion, take it easy! Ain't no way I'm going through that again! Best of health to ya!

that's good news deacon... I've just got this past weekend a serious pain in my lower back on the left side during transition... stopped playing right away and couldn't even sit for a few mins. I've been resting for a few days, but the pain doesn't go away... I'm hoping it has nothing to do with a disc... I'll give it a few more days and then see a doc.