Quick Poll: Visor or Hat?

Started by : Mike D., Team Titleist Manager |

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Team Titleist Staff

Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

Summer is finally here and we're looking at placing an order for some new limited edition Team Titleist headwear. But before we make any decisions, we want to hear from you first. Color palette and design aside, what do you want to see - a hat, a visor or both?

Cast your vote!

What should our next limited edition Team Titleist headwear order be?

  • Hat (63.6%)
  • Visor (17.4%)
  • Both (19%)
  • Total Votes: 195


Hat without a doubt!! I have five Cubic Mesh hats... and counting.


Hat, I'm bald headed so a visor really isn't an option unless you make it one of those faux hair visors 


I voted both. Right now, I wear a white Titleist hat and a white Titleist visor. Since getting a black pair of Footjoys in addition to my white pair, I plan to get a black hat and a black visor as well.

Logan P

Hat. Red front panel. Black for the rest. TT logo on the front. FJ ProV1 and titleist on sides and back.


Red flat bill please 

Scott H

Definitely a hat as there is only a thin covering on the dome and need to protect from the sun.

Christopher K

Fitted hats

Joe L


Definately a hat!!  As a former baseball player its the only look i like on myself.

Mark B

It would be a hat for me, hair getting a little thin on top and protection from the damaging rays of the sun on my fair Irish skin!


I voted both because I know people like both but I would want a visor

Jerry Wood

We all have a closet full of hats.
About time to add a change. Go with a visor.
Jerry wood


My apologies up front to the those who have "coverage challenges"...Let's see a visor in the mix.  Agree that both are probably the best option as it will suit the needs of the greater market, however it would be great to see something that is smaller and lighter than the hat.

Zach Z

I would LOVE to rock a Team Titleist Hat on and off the Course! Sounds awesome...

Fran M

yellow low profile visor... been trying to find a yellow....can't seem to find one!