Quick Poll: Visor or Hat?

but white with black or navy lettering is my favorite

Voted for "HAT"... since the OP was referring to a choice for SUMMER.  I'd also like to add that during summer, having a "relaxed" hat (one which you can wash and not destroy) is uber necessary.  



That would be great if we could get those! Thanks! Hat is best for most people I think!

I like the idea of both a hat and a visor. When I want to feel the wind through my hair, I wear a visor (sorry bald guys). LOL.......but I also like sporting the mesh hat. Of course, I think it should have the TT logo on the front, ProV1 and FJ on the sides and tour patch on the back. I like the mesh hat because It lets my head breath too.  I just hope I'm lucky enough to get one. No matter what kind of hat I wear when I play, it always says Titleist.

I've got a pretty serious bald spot developing on the crown of my head...tough to apply sunscreen, so I vote hat.  

I'd love a TeamTitleist bucket hat, if at all possible :)  


I vote hat. Cant wait to get it

I like to mix it up every once and a while so I have to vote for both.

A fitted hat would be great!!!

I loved the old school hats with the smaller bills. They are getting bigger and bigger looking lately.  

A hat would be sweet!!!  Thanks Mike!!!

Tall visor please. no short visors.