Golf grips...

My name is Willi Bessette,
I am a Native American who started golfing with clubs i found at the local dump! Now, i have a old set of Titleist golf clubs which are far too small for me and hard to get a good round of golf with the set i have! Does anyone know if Titleist helps with Low-Income, aspiring golfers with new or somewhat better clubs for those people who really, really appreciate the golf game and Titleist as a brand, also what they do for people or all ages!! My dream is to become a Pro golfer and to golf courses all over the world and United States!! My only dream is to have a set of Titleist golf clubs i am proud to carry and play with! Can someone help me with my wish and or let me know if there are any possibilities of such? thank you and hope everyone has a great day !! God Bless

Fred C

Good question Connor. Like you, I sweat a lot and the best solution I've found to keep my hands dry is paper towels. I keep a few in my bag and I wipe my hands as needed. Often, I just grips the towel for a moment. Aside from that, I use the Golf Pride Tour Wrap grips as they are very sticky, but also dampen vibration well.


Don't you also carry a bunch of gloves that you rotate in and out?  I started doing that after I played with you a few times...that works really well for me.

Dallin, didn't you mean to post this another forum? ;-) 

Anyway, I do rotate gloves using a "vlecro" strip I attached to my bag. It keeps my gloves from getting soaked, reduces the wear and extends their life. I usually rotate 3-4 gloves. In summer, I change gloves after every shot.