910 Crown Polish

Hi TT,
I've been playing the 910 D3 for awhile now, and Id like to know how to clear the scratches off the top of the crown. Is there a polish or anything of that nature that I can use? The scratches aren't terribly deep, but there are a lot. Thanks a lot!

  • Try non abrasive car polish.  Rub hard on the scratches.  Good luck. 

Thanks! I'll give that a shot today

I use Ice from Turtle Wax.  It works great.

I also use car wax to polish the crowns of my 910 woods. Mother's wax is my choice.

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Turlte Wax is what I have used for years.  Good luck

I just picked up a used 910F not too long ago. It has a few scratches on it, so thanks for everyone's input on this thread. I cant wait to apply some car wax and get it looking as good as new.