California Team Titleist Invitational Course Suggestions

I'm not sure if you guys have a venue picked out for the California TT invitational, but these 5 courses would be excellent choices in my opinion.  (not in any particular order).  Let me know what you think. 

1. Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club

2. The Bridges

3. Aviara

4. Pelican Hill (Orange County)

5. Trump National Los Angeles

Those are some great suggestions - don't forget Torrey Pines in that wish list :)

Shoot, I forgot Torrey (South Course..of course).  

How does a California guy forget Torrey?  :)

The Bridges would be awesome, all mentioned are all great!

Newport Beach CC, The Farms in RSF and Bighorn, TP South is no slouch either!

I like any of those golf courses, I hope to get the call for the invite.

Eric in OC.
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How does a California guy forget Torrey?  :)

Ha ha.. I know.  Completely forgot about it.  

I think I was more in exclusive, private club mode when I put that list together.  Actually, I think Torrey South might be my top pick of all of those courses.  C'mon TT, let's make it happen :-)

Todd T

Newport Beach CC, The Farms in RSF and Bighorn, TP South is no slouch either!

Hadn't thought about the Palm Springs area.  BigHorn is great.  Definitely a good one to put on the list. 

Hey, sounds like Torrey Pines is a great place to host. Never play there, so I'm hoping for that invite. Weather has been great lately. Sunny and warm!

Those are very good choices, any golf courses down in southern california is fine with me.

How about Arrowood with a small reception to follow at the TPI or the Titleist HQ? Would be cool to skip the golf at an ultra high dollar course and spend some time brushing shoulders with the people at Titleist and get to see what goes on behind the scenes. Not that Arrowood is a bad course by any means, it just doesn't have the big name factor that majority of these courses listed do.  

Joshua I'm spilt, first off it TT's event and their choice, so if invited I'd play a dog track........ But if folks are gonna travel id want to play a better course than Arrowood. The other half agree with you, in seeing the facilities and meeting the staff. I went to the FJ Invit last year and it was cool seeing the new gear and meeting the staff! The Grand Del Mar is sweet.

Shoot....The Journey at Pechangua may be the coolest course in the state.

Don't forget Northern California!  There's a couple of decent tracks on the Monterey Peninsula.....