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Anthony E

Has the Titleist organization ever thought of making tour shirts a special order? I understand that in the past they use to be sold to the public.. Not sure why they stopped I can only assume that it was the cost.. I would like to purchase a few and I do understand at times you can find on Ebay. I feel that you have a great group of golfers that stand behind this product and some probably feel the way I do.






That's good input from Justin...and he's right on.  Stick around the forums and you might win a contest that includes a shirt with the Titleist patch on the sleeve.  


Great advice from the guys so far.  Plenty of great FJ gear available that is top tier.   You can always check EBAY and pay over inflated prices for a Titleist patch shirt.  I have a rain shirt with the patch, and it will last a long time.  The shirts can get overused and will have no value after a while.

Good Luck