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Brian D

Yesterday I received my shipment from Vokey for the most recent release.  Good news, the Titleist belt buckle looks awesome, bad news is the 2 belts I purchased with the buckle are no where near the appropriate size.  I bought the 32" - 36" size, knowing I'm a 35 waist and the belts did not even come close to fitting. 

I call the customer service line and they were very nice, but unfortately unable to assist me as the next size up are now no longer in stock and now I can not game my precious Titleist buckle.

Christopher K


it'll work on any 1.5" strap Brian.  Check Sole Survivor or Beltmaster online if you can't wait.

I could be wrong, but I think he was referring to the belt length


yup and it's sold out he said.  so if he really need a longer strap Brian can go to the other places I listed to purchase one (and return the Vokey ones).

I have a few 1.25" straps from Beltmaster for my Scotty Dog buckle that's part of the Club Cameron membership.  

Marc S

Justin, thanks for the Beltmaster tip. I ordered one last night. Good lookin out!

Brian D

Thanks Justin, I will check them out and see what I can get.  I just wish they were clearer with the sizing.  The CR was very nice in assisting with the return though.

Brian D

Hi Justin, do you happen to remember what style you purchased for the SC buckle?