Sure Fit Hosel damage

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How can I get another Sure Fit hosel?  My clubs were damaged during a flight.  I called Titleist and was told I cannot order one?  I dont want to have to purchase another shaft just to get another hosel.

Thanks TT


If you have damage to the shaft adapter, I would send the entire club back to Titleist and have them inspect both the shaft/adapter and the head for damage. They will then be able to repair the club properly and safely.

Fred C

I must agree with 19hole as you may have more damage than just to the adapter.

Dr. Kovatchian

Don't use the Aftermarket'll feel even worse when you club is totally jacked and Titleist VOIDS your Warranty!!!!


David Browning

I agree with 19th and Dr. K. You don't want to use that aftermarket junk from Golf Galaxy or Golfsmith...wherever. 

Unfortunately, you're right. You can't personally buy a new adapter. However, if you go to your local Titleist rep, they'll be able to set up an RA with Titleist, to send your club to Titleist to be inspected/fixed. They MAY give a price while on the phone with whoever's calling in the RA, but, they may wait until they get the club so that they can inspect everything and make sure that it's just the adapter that needs fixed. 

Let us know how everything goes.