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Guest U

Hi Team Titleist. Have you ever considered bringing out a Titleist men's fragrance? I'm sure it would be a sure-fire profit maker.

Curtis M

Thats funny but a good idea I guess?   Could make it smell like freshly cut grass or something.  Just stay away from dirty ball washer water smell!!!


seriously??  what exactly would it smell like?  i would think Titleist has a lot of other paths they could go down that would be a lot easier and more profitable than this.


I had some witty responses that I'm sure wouldn't get past moderation.  :-)  I'm going to just say I don't think we'll see Titleist deviate from its core competency of being #1 in golf...

Fred C

Hmmm - what scent to use? They could capture the smell of the ball plant and bottle it.

Dr. Kovatchian

Titleist Eau de toilette....

I'll stick to my Old Spice.



I get many different smells at the golf course, personally. I use unscented as much as I can.  When I use cologne, I use it sparingly.

Personally I would hate to EVER utter the phrase "That guy is using way too much Titleist" :p

Mike C


Maybe the smell of success when you win with Titleist products?  Likewise, they could produce an "Agony of Defeat" fragrance to spray on your opponents?

ok... maybe they should just stick to producing great golf equipment!

Todd T

I'd rather see an an OrangE Pro V1 than smell like Titleist, please tat to the experts!

greg p

No, now wait a minute.  Maybe you are on to something. LOL.