My Birthday

Shot a 71 in my 75th birthday. 8/9/2013

Congratulations Ben!! And happy birthday. A 71 on any track and at any age is pretty spectacular in my books. 

No kidding!  What a good way to celebrate your birthday!!

Happy belated Birthday Ben!   What a great way to celebrate, congrats on a great round!

We have a golfer at our course who is 96, he plays 9 holes every day ... makes me look forward to the future, even tho I am a young whipper-snapper of 52  :)

Keep on Golfing  and thanks for sharing.

Congratulations Ben! 

Happy birthday and what a great accomplishment!


I can only make that equation work for me if I play nine holes!

That is awesome ben, a very well deserved congratulations to you.  May you have many more low rounds ahead of you. 

Congrats!! I hope I can play golf when I get to that age. Way to go. Ben...

Well done!  Congratulations on a fine round - and Happy Birthday!

Very nice and happy birthday!!  

Congrats! Was this your first time? One can only hope to be able to play at 75, much less play well. Well done, sir.


I sure hope I'm still able to play 75 years after my birth.  But to be able to play, and play well, that would be fantastic.  Congratulations on a remarkable achievement.  And Happy Belated Birthday!

That is just fantastic! Congratulations!

Hole in ones are rare but I would bet that it is far more rare to shoot your age, let alone 4 better!

Inspiring, and thanks for sharing that with all of us. What will be your follow up ???? :)