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Hello TT members. How do you deal with players that can't give  5 seconds of being quiet, while your playing your ball. Also, how do you get your mind back to concentrating after this happens. Thanks for all replies.

greg p

Back off and politely ask them to be quite.  They may not be aware that their behavior is bothering you. Then recycle through your routine.

If that doesn't work you can develop the darting stares that the pros are so good at.   Or get yourself a 6'9"  280 lb caddy to help you maintain order.

Curtis M

Shank a shot right at them and say it was cause you were distracted from them talking.  

Dr. Kovatchian

 WARNING will not work if you are playing between the ropes with overzealous photographers, drunk idiots yelling mashed zucchini muffins, and you are wearing silly tattoo stickers on your cheek.

Develop yourself a bullet proof routine for all shots and putting...once you start the routine you are not going to notice anything else but the shot at hand no matter what...You have to go blank and pull the trigger...GET in the Zone!!!

Like Greg P stated keep that routine in check...always stick to it even if you need to reset the go button once in a consistent your playing partners should get the picture after a few holes...if not find some playing partners that are competitive at a high level and I bet the etiquette changes.



Nuff said. 

Todd T

Politely give him the 'stank eye and smile!

Then bust it 300 down the middle!

Fred C

Good advice Doc - still, what can one do about that noise from out of nowhere that doesn't belong? The cell phone ringing? The shout from the group behind that just found their fellow competitors golf ball in the rough?

Doug E

The sound of a ball hitting a tree behind me got to me the other day when I was in the middle of a putting stroke. Lost concentration. Yanked it.


I have been able to concentrate with the "usual noises", mowers, train whistles after they have started, maintenance workers on the course ... I still get mad when someone two holes over makes a bad shot and swears loud enough to hear in the next town!  What really makes me scratch my head is when playing on hole 16 on my home course (which is parallel to a main road into town), someone will honk the horn, or yell "Fore" out the window.

As far a getting back in the Zone, I have to agree that a pre-shot routine, repeated for each shot works best for me.  I have one routine for my full swing clubs, a routine for pitches and chips and a routine for putting.