Hole In One Free Drinks for Everyone ?

At my club, hole in ones mean drinks for anyone who knows about it that day (they post it.) You can buy insurance, which I do. I never cash in on the free drink from others and always hope for the same in return. :) That great moment should never be followed up by worring all day about the bill you'll get. Buying drinks for your playing partners is well worth it and something I would enjoy doing. They also take an addional dollor from each member in that months montly statement, which goes to the hole in one person for shop credit. That's about $350.

I play with a few guys who just never say they did it. All pretty silly really.


I am a member of a private club and we do not have a hole in one insurance although we do have a hole in one club where you join for a modest fee and it pays out to the lucky golfer x amount of dollars in credit for pro shop purchases but does not cover any bar tabs. I like the idea of buying drinks for your group who were witnesses but paying for 50 to 150 guys in the grill could get outrageous. Also our MGA does not cover a bar tab for a hole in one. That is a good idea and I might mention it to the higher ups that run the show.

I was just recently talking about the same issue. The club pro said that by having a membership the club covers a tab of a hundred dollars then after that it's on you. I found that quite disconcerting considering that the tab will obviously exceed the hundred mark easily. Is it normal for a club to only "insure" you that much?

I was once at a PGA Tour event and witnessed a hole in one...

Still waiting for my drink...what do the pros do when this happens????



I bought my foursome lunch.  It consisted of 4 hotdogs and pop.  I agree that it can get crazy if you buy for the whole clubhouse but that is up to the person who hit the ace.

Good thing we aren't in Japan. There they buy gifts for people.

I got off relatively easily when I had my hole-in-one.  It was the last day of our senior association year end tournament, with about 36 participants.  Because it was the last day, several participants had departed the course immediately following their round, knowing they were no longer in the running for any prizes.  Additionally, the course has a policy that you pay what you shot for your "first" beer following the round.  I was charged only $0.74 per beer, plus one bottled soft drink and ended up paying only $12.75 total.  I volunteered to buy drinks for all those who participated int he senior tournament, but did not provide for an open bar for anyone who happened to be there.

In a related note, I played in an interclub event at my home club during which someone from one of the other clubs holed out on a par 4.  He won a skin, but did not buy drinks for the group.  He may have bought drinks for his foursome, but I'm not even sure he did that.

Seems to depend on the individual, the course, and the circumstances.

It seems to really depend on the circumstances and the individual.  This is a tough question and a good one however tradition is tradition...not saying I agree with it, that is why most clubs have hole in one insurance! LOL

I say drinks for your group and MAYBE any other people who witnessed it.  All the people who just happened to be hanging out in the clubhouse because they have nowhere else to go can kick rocks.  

I draw the line at my playing partners, but I buy them as many as they want. Fortunately, it has only happened once!

If I ever when I make a hole in one I will gladly pick up a hefty bar tab.  I won't be buying everyone three fingers of Johnny Blue, but I will gladly cover a cocktail's cost.  I look at it this way, a bar bill will only sting for a moment, but a hole in one will last for eternity.

That said, my club actually has hole in one insurance.  Anyone who makes an ace earns everyone in the bar a free libation.  It's a pretty cool way to celebrate.