titleist ap2 710 irons

Hi, I recently purchased a set of Titleist A P 2 710 irons. I believe that the shaft  ( project X 5.0) is not flexible enough for me, I'm 80 years of age. Can you suggest a more flexible shaft for me? I prefer steel but if you give me a choice of steel and graphite I'll try each one to see which I prefer.


Thank you for your time


Hi George,  We do have a selection of lightweight shafts, including steel that might work for you.  We have graphite shafts at 65gr, 75gr, 85gr, 95 gr and 110 grams and steel shafts from 85gr, 95gr, and 100 gr.  We would suggest that you go to your local fitter to have him/her help you with the selection. If you give us a call at 1-888-TITLEIST (888-848-5347), we can help you locate a good fitter in your area.