Team Titleist Massachusetts - Let's Tee it Up!

Have a great time guys! North Reading is 70 miles from me in Providence, RI. A bit much for me on a Sunday! Please share your photos with us and let us know who wins!

Jerry, George, don't you worry!

I've always wanted to host a little tournament, and my course is more than willing to help me out.  I'll try to get something on books next year (when it's a bit warmer) and give everyone ample time to plan.  Maybe we can even contribute to the First Tee of Boston or something.  Golf is always way easier to explain to the wife when it's for a cause- "I know you really wanted to go apple picking, but it's for the kids honey"  

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone who's going this weekend!

What A Great Day!  Couldn't have been a more perfect with the weather, the course in great shape, and very welcoming folks at Thomson GC!  Thank you very much to Josh G, Josh S, and Brian 'D', I greatly appreciate the opportunity to tee it up with you all.  A round full of challenging greens, creative layouts, and laughs all day.  Thank you for setting it all up Josh G.  Cheers!

The second MA TT event is in the books!  We ended up playing Saturday, and the weather was perfect.  Scott, Brian, Josh S and myself all enjoyed a wonderful day on the links.

Here's Scott sending one down the short Par 4 3rd.  Brian actually drove the green here- true story.

Here's Brian swinging out of his shoes

Josh S sticking one on the par 3 4th.

Brian tending the stick for Scott's long birdie try.  Feel free to give him a hard time about his flat stick, there's a reason he holds it behind his back.

Scott rolling one on the 15th. His mustache and his custom Scotty are both world class!

Another great day on the links!  I'll be sure to plan something again next year so everyone can make it out.

Very jealous!!  Saturday was a great day for golf and glad you all had a great time.  Hopefully next year i can join all of you, sounds like a great group.


It was nearly perfect.  Hopefully you can make it next year