Team Titleist Massachusetts - Let's Tee it Up!

Started by : Mike D., Team Titleist Manager |

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Team Titleist Staff

Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

I figured a new thread would be the best place to get the ball rolling on the local informal "outing" for those of us looking to sneak in a few more rounds before the leaves start to turn.

First step, let's get a potential date discussion going and then we can work on destinations.

Do you all want to target a weekend or a weekday? 

The weeks of Sept. 16th and Sept. 23rd are looking good on my end. 


george t

Any update Mike?  I'd like to give work a little notice if I'm going to take a weekday off.  Thanks.


Hey Kevin, why don't you ask if  the Bay Club will host the event. They hook up with  Titleist for many  events!  You guys might be able to get Brad Faxon to show up.

Jerry Wood


Would have loved to be there, But Wednesday in Long Island Directing a Charity run for Special Olympic.

Sunday already committed  to take my wife to a take her to Boston for an afternoon play and diner at Flemings. Do you know a good Lawyer?


 Never can pick a date that fits ever ones calendar.

Have a great time


Jerry Wood


Mike, Would love to play but I doubt I can get away Wednesday afternoon and then I will be back out of the country until the 27th. Anytime after that would work.....

kevin f

My son has practice at The Bay Club tomorrow so I will see if there is someone I can talk to about letting us tee it up there.

I'll keep you posted.


mark w



Come back to Dallas and we can play anytime. There are half a dozen of us in the Metro area.






What happened to my post? I responded to Kevin in Mattapoisett about playing at the Bay Club. Now I don't see it?

Brian D

Lets please pick a date and place and get this moving.  More than happy to help coordinate. I personally can't play during the week.


Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

Agree! I can play either this Sunday the 22nd or next Sunday the 29th.


Hi Mike,

 Date seem good, but where are we playing, scramble, best ball or play your own?

Let get the ball rolling :)


george t

The 22nd won't work for me, but if you guys can tolerate a 50+ guy bunting it around the course, I may be able to do the 29th. But I really need to firm up that date soon


Does your son play the ORR high golf team?


For what its worth...this Sunday (the 22nd) is the Patriots game @ 1:00 PM vs. the Bucs.  I know that we are all golf crazy here, but is is MA and we are Patriots Nation...


In connection to places...are we thinking about the Acushnet/SE Mass area or other parts of the state?  Central MA?  Metro area? Some great courses around here this time of year...