2014 Accessories

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Joshua O

The new lineup looks awsome! I wll be picking up the new Staff Stand bag! When will we be able to custom order?

Nick K

Where is the linkfor 2014 accessories?

Barry K

where can I find a copy of the new 2014 Accessories Brochure?

kind regards


Masson M

Where do you hâve see the new collection please ! 

Thanks ! 

jeff l


Kenneth V


Mitchell C

Does anyone know when the new 2014 Stand-Bag line (specifically the Staff stand bag) will be available in stores or to order online? Really looking fwd to picking one up! Thanks!

Brandon C

Oh I am for sure ordering a Staff Stand Bag. Been hoping for a staff style stand bag forever! Nice job Titleist!

Louis M

The Staff Stand Bag looks great, along with a lot of other 2014 stuff.

I'm in the market for a travel bag, but it doesn't look like Titleist makes a hard-side travel case. I plan on traveling 3-6x per year with my clubs and have been told hard-side is the way to go. 

Does anybody have any feedback on the Titleist Club Glove Travel Cover?

Laurent B

Hi guys,

When will the 14-way stand bag be available in Belgium?

Thank you.

Todd T

The staff stand looks like a winner and was surprised at its weight!

Chris P

What a surprise when the doorbell range and my New Staff Stand Bag had arrived.  Wow Titleist, Wow!  Can't wait to show it off.


Chris P


That is too sexy!!!!!


Gorgeous bag!


Is the stand a bit more wide and stable on the Staff bag?

I watched in horror a few times this season as my lightweight bag fell over in only moderate wind!!

Chris P

Although I've never had a problem with stand bags falling over, this one is solid as a rock.

Johnny C

Uhhhm...okay, that staff stand bag is so glorious! Wow! I must have one now!



That is too sexy!!!!!

Does anyone know how to get a replacement panel for a staff bag ?

Matthew P

this is a really nice bag

Tae K


Can you please tell me if the staff stand bag was a slot or velcro loop for an umbrella?  Thanks.


Can you please let me know about the rainhood? I'm wodnering is it like the staff bag rainhood (partly see through) or is it like the other stand bags?

Axel N

Looks awesome!

Where did you get the TT brick? I would really want one.