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Club Champion


Just completed my 300th round of the year!

5,400 holes!

Still going strong!

john c


Wow that's some golf! Do you have any idea how many balls you used during this marathon? How many hours? Where do you live that you can play all those rounds? What was the most rounds played in a single day? I am jealous! I played maybe 20 rounds this year. Hoping to get in a few more. Keep going good luck getting to 400!

andy r

That is an awesome accomplishment............I am very envious. Hopefully I will someday be at that point where I can....[ A]  Have the time and [B] Have the time......fairways and greens to you.

Fred C


Vern.  Did you start the year with a specific goal of playing x number of rounds?  I'm at "only" 175 posted USGA rounds so far this year, and of course that does not include rounds played as four-ball or scramble or other non-countable events.  But then, I only play, usually, one round a day and only four or five days a week. At my age, weekends are for everyone else to play, unless I'm in a tournament.  Keep it going.  Awesome progress on your handicap, by the way.  I've only managed to go from around 11 to as low as 5.x, but it keeps creeping back up if I'm not careful.

Ted - how you look up the number of rounds posted on ghin? I couldn't find that data. 

Christian G

300 is crazy.  Great job.  I can't even imagine getting that many rounds in.  I'm pretty happy if I can break the 50 mark for the year.  

Jon B

Vern, let me ask you this. Did you have a schedule to which you tried to stick? And I don't mean "play x number of rounds by this date, etc.". Did you go out first thing in the morning every day, after dinner every night, at lunch, etc. Just curious since squeezing rounds in around my work schedule is the biggest hurdle I face.

Thanks for the input.


Hey, Jon!

Thanks for the clarification and post.  My nature is never to plan anything but go where the spirit moves me.

As a matter of fact, I've never even made a single tee time!  I just show up.  If I have to hit hundreds of range balls and practice putting and chipping for hours, I will.  No worries.

Sometimes I show up and go right to the first tee.

It's crazy how things work out.  Just like going to the gym, 90% of it is just showing up.

I may join someone.  I may not.  I just go with the flow.

But there is a force, a power, in just showing up.  Things open up like you never would imagine if you just sit inside.

If there's a will...there's a way...

Keep me posted on your progress!



Hey, Andy!

Always make and take the times for your dreams.

Before you know it, reality's alarm goes off.

Life is too short to wait.

Thanks for the reply.




It's not about how much you play, or really, how you play.

But how you feel when you play.

enjoy the journey...




Never counted how many balls I used, but I will tell you a story.

When I was a kid, I found a dozen black on black, 100 compression Titleist balls in the locker of a pro who play in the Buick Open.

It was on the course where I grew up in Michigan.

I held those balls for so many years until they finally turned yellow then brown.

They were like gold to me.

I'm so happy I've finally had the courage and talent to play the best ball in the world.

That's the joy.  To play Titleist.

When I was fit at TPI during a tour fitting, I was asked what ball I preferred.

I said black on black.  Pro V! they are now called.

I now live in Arizona and play all year.

I played 63 rounds five times in two weeks.

It's not about that.  It's about just getting out there when you can and play.

Don't worry how much you play. Enjoy the time played.

Thanks for the reply, Jon!


Allen L

All I can say is Yikes !  That's a lot of golf.  I now see the advantage of living in Arizona.

Mike C

Hi Vern -

Awesome accomplishment!  Most of us here would love to put that many rounds on the books in 9 months.  I think if I ever tried to execute something like that I would probably end up divorced afterwards!  One of the most interesting comments that you made was that you celebrate golf with another round of golf.  I realy liked that comment.  This is such a great sport that we all love a considerable amount.  I agree that just being able to spend time out on the golf course is a reward in and of itself.

Keep up the trek and we look forward to hearing where you ended the quest when we cross the line into 2014!



That's incredible!  I usually get about 150 rounds in, but then I live in NE South Dakota.  Keep it going, there's a few months left :)


Thanks, Paul!

You, too!

Best Always,



Hey, Mike!

Thanks so much for the post and the encouragement!

I'm probably a freak of human nature as I'm almost 52 with no wife or kids.

Which is probably why I can still play and act like a kid!

It's by careful design and planning, I might add!

I'm sure your path is just as fulfilling.

Keep up the great work and continue having fun!

Best to you and your family!