Emails For Forum Post Approvals

I cannot remember, is there a way to opt-out of emails just when a TT Forum post is approved but leave all the other emails still coming? Thanks for your help.

Yes. You can control all email settings and forum alert subscriptions in your profile under "email preferences". Here is a link:

Mike, which area would I want to uncheck? It only gives me three options:

Team Titleist Info & News : As a Team Titleist member, you will be the first to hear about product introductions, surveys, promotions, and sweepstakes. Through Team Titleist News we will provide exclusive communication not available in any other forum.
Titleist E-News : Sign-up to receive information about Titleist. Approximately 2-4 times per month.
Titleist Surveys : Sign-up to participate in exclusive Titleist surveys and panels.


You don't see the "Team Titleist Emails" above those options?

Mike, correct...above those options are only 4 threads that I am following otherwise there are no areas that I can see that related to Team Titleist Emails for Forum Postings.  I see "Team Titleist Info & News" below under Interests/Newsletters...but that is not it correct?

Mike, I'm like Chris92009.  I don't see anywhere to turn off the automatic e-mails that say my post has been accepted.  I do see the screen you show above, but it doesn't include what I believe Chris is talking about.

I'll have to check in again with the team on this one but I'm not sure we're able to turn off the post approval notifications.

Stay tuned.

Mike, any updates?

Thanks, Chris