Team Titleist Event ATX.

Here are some photos of the course and the event. 

Front porch of clubhouse

Dawn at Wolfdancer (approx 7:35 am)

Mike, Liz, and Joe preparing for the day.

DOGLOSKI and Chris P. checking out the FJ/Titleist specials table.

Mike DePaolo welcoming us at the range.

Titleist set up at the range.

2nd hole.

Native visitor, on 2nd tee box.

11th hole from the white tees.

12th hole, with Hyatt Lost Pines Report in the background.

Fred C., Liz from Titleist, Dr. Kovatchian, and Chris W.

Chris P., DOGLOSKI, Dennis from Titleist, and Brandon C.

Tyler Highley, Mike DePaolo (Titleist), Kelly O'Donnell (Wolfdancer Director of Golf, Tim T., and memphisunited.

pulplvr, Otis T., waitress, Mike C., and Dave O'Connell, local Titleist rep.

Wolfdancer sunset

It was such a treat to be included in this event! We lucked out with the weather, the course was awesome, and it was so nice to meet everyone. Only wish I could have contributed more to team Manchester's point total! 

I want to send a huge thank you to the OG team Manchester (Liz, Mike, and Joe) for all you did to make the day great.

As well as everyone from Titleist and the Wolf Dancer staff, for making this happen. 

Great time and great memories. Thanks again!

Great job on the pics Ted.  Pictures can never really do justice to an event like this, but you gave it a great try.