About time to put the clubs in the corner

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Kevin G

For those of us who live in the north it is a sad time of the year. Late October, early November is the end of golf season. This means the clubs go into the corner for 5 months or so. Just wanted to express my feelings on what it's like for those whose game goes into hibernation. I hope those who are lucky enough to live in areas that don't lose anytime to cold weather take advantage of it and cheers to low scores!


No need to put the clubs away...just take a trip or two south during the cold months. Another option is Bermuda, it is under 2 hours from most east coast airports and the golf is great!

Joshua O

I am also tired of going into hibernation. My courses have been closed for a month now. However uncle same is going to move me south after 8 years of living in the frozen north. All of my choices are diverse and have 12 month golf seasons. So I will be happy no matter what location I get. I would prefer Tampa bay over Seattle but either way I will be playing golf year around.


I'm getting closer and closer here in Iowa.  :-(

Francesco F

Well here in the cleve area it's been absolutely fantastic up to this weekend... Ended up playing anyway under rain, wind and 40 degrees... it wasn't too pleasant but still made it through!

I'll be out playing until the snow falls, especially since I missed pretty much the whole season due to a back injury (out from June 10th till September 29th)...

Kevin G

There they are folks. Hibernation mode. Sad day

David Browning

Already?! No way! I'll play whenever, in whatever, as long as the course isn't covered in snow. I take a couple of trips as well. Good thing I have a practice room in my house! BTW, I'm in OH. There's plenty of great golf weather still left!

Alex F

Sounds Like you need to find yourself an indoor hitting area. I have been using one in the offseason for a couple years. Its not perfect but if they have a launch monitor it can be a very effective way to not lose touch with your swing



Yes, we knew this day was coming, of course it doesn't make it any easier.  I live in NE SD and we got a light ground cover of snow this morning, it is gone now, but definitely a reminder the season is winding down.  I also got that dreaded email today from my home course that they are closing at the end of the day tomorrow, it is a municipal course, so we will be allowed to play for a couple-three weeks before it is too harsh for the course to handle.

On the bright side, I have my new grips ready to install and am playing around with a couple of other ideas for this "winter off"

I am already looking forward to next season.  Titleist has been very consistent for me this past year (as always) and I have tried a few things that have helped me to be more consistent.

At least we can still watch the tour and talk about the game here.


Brad m

Teed off today when it was sunny and 7 degrees Celsius. On 14 it started to hail. Hopefully, there are still a few more rounds out there. 

Richard S

No way!

Get out and get some fresh air & exercise.

Layer up & you'll do fine!

Fred C

This brings up a good point, for those of you that can't live down south. How do you keep yours swing going over the winter? I guess you can hit balls off of a mat and into a net in the garage or swing a heavy club, like the Momentus. Perhaps some of y'all have a simulator, like Optishot. I'm curious.

Mike C

Love the snow shot on the golf course Richard.  Currently I live in Texas where the season lasts all year round.  However, I grew up in Indiana where the weather is a little more harsh.  As long as the course was open and there was no sleet or freezing rain, we would play.  Once you are properly dressed, it was tolerable (I was also 15 years younger so that may have factored into the decision as well).  It also gave us can excuse to plan several golf trips over the winter months to more hospitable climates.  Time to take the game on the road with your buddies!

Tyler J

For the first time this winter here in OH I think I am gonna keep at it, there are a few heated ranges around and I just can't see letting all this years hard work go down the drain because I am afraid of a little white stuff.

Brandon C

Oh i know the feeling from previously living outside the Chicagoland area and it can be totally depressing time of year for avid golfers like us. Fortunately for me I live in Houston and can play year-round.

But I just wanted to comment on the cold weather conditions. I work for an apparel distribution company that makes heated apparel. I don't usually solicit our products on forums like this but if it something that will allow you an extra month or 2 of golf it might be a product you could benefit from. Check out www.mobilewarminggear.com as there is an entire golf related line. Basically there is a small lithium battery pack that powers the heating elements inside the jacket. I use and love mine (not very often of course, lol).