About time to put the clubs in the corner

I am hoping for a couple more rounds here in NE, but we'll see.  The good days seem to come when I can't get out of the office!  The last few winters, I've really focused on working out more.  TPI offers great golf workouts so you can hit it hard in the spring.  Also, putt, chip in the basement, rent out a simulator if possible.  I'll come in after scooping, watch a tournament, and just rehearse my grip, stance, preshot routine.  If possible, set up a mirror and check out your takeaway and posture.  I guess, just try to view it as an opportunity to get back to basics.  Do all that and 2014 should be better than '13.  At the very least, there should be less rust when you get back out.  

Today was a great golf day in eastern Ohio.  I have cleaned up and put away the clubs for the year twice, so far.  Today it was in the mid-60's, off for one last round.  Fairways cut close but soft, greens a soft and holding any shot coming in high.  Scored a par round.  Last three holes I was on in regulation with a putt inside 10 feet for birdie but missed each to the right by a half inch.  

I've got buddies in Florida that brag about being able to play in January/Feb but refuse to golf in summer because it is toooooooo hot/humid. Go figure.

I practice my chipping in the hallway (when my wife's not around.)  This year I am setting up a net in the garage.  I plan to hit BirdieBalls into it just to stay loose.

I've been in the Army for 20 years now; and the best golfing time has been when I was stationed in Georgia and now in Texas.  While I'm considering retirement in the next 5 years or so, my retirement location will be golf dependent.  Although my time in Missouri still aloud me to play year round, I still enjoy the warmer playing weather.

Clubs are not going into the corner this year! Keep on playing.


Hit em straight



I just played today and it was about 35 degrees and the wind was gusting up to 30mph. It was COLD!!! I've never played in weather like this but I don't want to put the clubs away just yet. This weekend should be in the 50's so I will definately be playing.

I never put them away, During the winter I can still play 9 if the temp is around 45.


Lets go play!

Grab your long johns, goretex,   wool hat and hit the links!

8:32 tee time today!

Refreshing! Better than 92 degrees & 100% humidity!


I really appreciate living in Atlanta. It's not Florida or SoCal and I may miss a week here and there for rain or cold weather, but the winters are mild enough here to easily enjoy 12 months of golf. The pic is from yesterday's round. 68 degrees.

Game on!  I'll play until the snow flies.  The GHIN season might be over, but there's a couple of good months left.  There's also some heated driving ranges near by, so my clubs don't hibernate.  
I'm also going to get into a TPI program this winter so I don't lose my game. 

I live in SE PA and I'm playing tomorrow! It's supposed to be in the 60's. I'm fighting my best to keep the clubs from being packed away!