About time to put the clubs in the corner

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Kevin G

For those of us who live in the north it is a sad time of the year. Late October, early November is the end of golf season. This means the clubs go into the corner for 5 months or so. Just wanted to express my feelings on what it's like for those whose game goes into hibernation. I hope those who are lucky enough to live in areas that don't lose anytime to cold weather take advantage of it and cheers to low scores!

Barry O

I too, live in the Northeast, so it is getting to that time where I try my best to get in those last few meaningful rounds! I played 18 holes on Wed. Oct 23rd in 40 degree weather with the wind blowing and the sleet/freezing precip coming down from time to time and still played well enough to shoot 74. Unfortunately, I had to miss the best opportunities to join in on all the fun with the Team Titleist Events held in Florida and California. I am driving to Florida to visit my daughter on Dec. 13th then on to my buddy's in Sarasota. I am flying out to San Diego to visit my son who is stationed at Camp Pendleton in the Marine Corp. I am flying on to Denver, CO to visit my youngest daughter then back to Florida to golf my brains out with my buddy before turning my sights on Myrtle Beach, SC on my way back north. I will stop to visit another buddy near Fort Bragg, NC to play a little golf with him too. What a way to spend the long, cold NY winter, ha!

clayton t

hi allen if you do come to north alabama ill treat you to round

Don O

Well, 20 days to the official end of the golf season (11/15) in the land of the frozen tundra.  May get lucky, but once the greens and tees freeze solid, all courses close other than the 3 heated driving ranges until April 1 unless the aforementioned greens start to grow in March. 

The clubs don't go into hibernation, they just get bored waiting for the occasional business trip to Alabama, New Mexico, Texas, or South Carolina. I almost feel on a first name basis with Mr. RTJ, Sr.  Or some special time, like a vacation toSan Diego in December. 

charles s

I live in northeast ohio and iam playing today, right now its 34 so will probable wait for frost to lift, I play all winter when there is no snow, all of our local courses stay open as long as they can

Jedadiah K

Gives me an opportunity to get to gym more and work on my core/legs.  Build up the base of my swing, so that I have a solid foundation to play off of.  Also helps me keep my flexibility and strength up.  Granted I'm in Kentucky, and we only lose 2-3 months of golf for the weather.

Todd T

Clubs up today in San Diego..... Gotta love rain!


It's a crap shoot in Illinois. Played a very nice round on Sunday(10/27) It was 39 degrees but very sunny and little wind-which is the key

I will play as long as possible. We played a round on December 8th last year, then snow came. I'll stop when we get temp greens out. Then I may go out on nice days and play but I usually just drive a couple, and maybe hit approaches it depends on the midwest weather. 

This year I played several times because I had been working indoors on hitting a draw off the tee(curing my slice) and it's difficult to judge hitting a ball 40-50 feet. So I would hit at least 5 tee shots, and then go pick up and move to the next hole. More like a glorified range session but since no outdoor ranges were open, it worked. Plus just the idea of playing golf was therapeutic. 

Brad m

Played in 50 degrees(8 celisius) in Kitchener, Ontario today on my home course. The weather is supposed to stay okay for the next few days, but I won't be playing my home course. It was really wet today. There are some other courses around that are offering fall rates for approx. $20, and they are built on sand bases, which won't be nearly as wet.  

michael a

I live in N.H. and have not put clubs away yet. There are a few good days to come in November, Check out day after thanksgiving.  One good thing about winter golf, you cant lose a ball in the water hazards up here!


the last couple winters in PA haven't been that bad, but from what i'm hearing, this year will be different.  i'll play in cold and even if there is a little snow on the ground.  but if we get a lot, i'm out of luck.


Fred C

This brings up a good point, for those of you that can't live down south. How do you keep yours swing going over the winter? I guess you can hit balls off of a mat and into a net in the garage or swing a heavy club, like the Momentus. Perhaps some of y'all have a simulator, like Optishot. I'm curious.

freddy - and there lies my biggest issue in improving.  i don't have access to an indoor hitting area anymore, so unfortunately, the swing will need some work come spring.  but on the plus side, you forget the bad habits just as quickly as the good ones.  so sometimes it's nice to start fresh.

Jay S

Alex F

Sounds Like you need to find yourself an indoor hitting area. I have been using one in the offseason for a couple years. Its not perfect but if they have a launch monitor it can be a very effective way to not lose touch with your swing

I'm with Alex F on this one.  Most of my clubs get used at the indoor range down the road at the Turning Stone Casino from November to March. Unless we can catch a break and grab a few days in a row without rain/snow here in way upstate NY I believe my last full 18 hole round was completed last week while on vacation in VA Beach. Although I have played an occassional quick 9 the morning of Thanksgiving in the past we will definitely need some warmer temps and less rain to make that happen this year.  It's always a sad time of the year but it does usually coincide with the beginning of Whitetail Hunting Season up here so I can at least keep myself busy with something!

dave p

Here in KY we play all year! One day it's 50 and sunny the next it's 30 and snow! Just requires some extra layers of Footjoys and now a yellow ball. My home course with it's Bermuda going dormant makes it hard to see white ball on "white grass" . Unfortunately it's easier to find in the rough and that's where we play from a lot!!!  Also can get to range and hit from heated stalls. No crazy about hitting off mats but at least can still work on game and swing a club!!! Hit 'em straight!!!!



Because of an unexpected 12 inches of snow mid-April, and another 12 inches at the end of April, the Golf season didn't start until May this year.  Then we got almost 3 inches of snow Monday night Tuesday morning ... so I wasn't sure if I could do it, but ... I played my 150th round today (149 on my home course), looks like I can get 2 more in Sunday and Monday which means I will be able to play over 150 on my home course again this season.  

Short term forecast after Monday isn't great, but you never know :)