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I just got done looking through the fall/winter apparel catalog for Titleist Japan. Can we please get some this stuff in the states?? Please!!!

Todd T

Doubt you'll see it unless you buy it from one of the japan website... They don't get the cool stuff we have over here, but I feel your pain!

Brandon C

Just looked over there and the different bag options is insane!!!

Josh G

Anyway you can post or PM this catalog?

Chris P

I have co-workers that travel back and forth to Japan and Korea.  They say finding the stuff you see in the catalogs is very difficult.  Also when you find it, the prices are very high as well as what you would have to pay to US Customs when returning to the states.

I've got to agree, it all looks nice.


Josh G

Anyway you can post or PM this catalog?

i'd like to get a look at this as well.  i work some people that make trips to Japan and Korea at least once a year.  might be able to convince them to bring me back something.