what would you do in this situation?

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I got my 714 AP2s last week and took them out for my first round.  Definitely in the honeymoon stage where i'm keeping them nice and shiny. 

Middle of the round my drive came down on a dirt area with possible little pebbles.  The right club would've been my 6 irons but i just punched out with my old hybrid because i didn't want to ruin my brand stinkin new irons.  it was just a casual round. Probably in few rounds i'll probably won't care but i just couldn't do it.  Pretty lame huh?

So your first round with your brand stinkin new set, the ball rests on a dirt area, casual round, 

What would you do?

btw, 714 AP2 are pretty awesome!

Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

Haha, that's pretty funny, but I can definitely relate....I cleaned out my grooves, wiped my club down, and wiped the grip carefully when I first got my new K wedge.  Now, all I do is clean out the grooves with a tee :)

Jim A

Nice dilemma to have. What was the rule in your situation? Was it round under repair or is that the condition of the area you found yourself after your drive?  I believe I would have done the very same thing if I could not have taken relief from the dirt spot.  I have taken many a shot with a utility wood that is hot the standard play, and have come up with great results.  You may have not played your shot any better with the 6 iron.   

Greg P

I've still got the plastic wrap on mine.


I had this misfortune happen to me a month or so ago and my 712MB 6 now has a pretty deep beauty spot under the toe.

I say make sure you hit it thin.

Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

Had the same exact predicament on this past Sunday and definitely thought of pulling out the hybrid.

I just looked around to make sure there weren't any roots hidden by the leaves surrounding my Pro V1x, took out the trusty AP2 6-iron, set up to the ball, eyed the target, took the club back and let the swing happen.

There were definitely a lot of thoughts running through my head as I approached the shot and I contemplated taking an unplayable, but in the end, figured I had a shot so I had to give it a go. 

The only problem was I still made bogey. Would have been a nice par save.

Next time! :)


I had a similar situation at the TT WolfDancer outing.  So I decided to go ahead and hit Mike D's new clubs to demo for the shot.  Guess he hasn't seen which club yet.. :)

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Fred C


I had a similar situation at the TT WolfDancer outing.  So I decided to go ahead and hit Mike D's new clubs to demo for the shot.  Guess he hasn't seen which club yet.. :)

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Thank goodness we had a set of demo clubs on the cart. I had a tight shot off turf that seemed a tad rocky underneath and felt that was as good a time as any to try the 714 AP2 4-iron. Swept it right off of the turf pin high, right side of the green. 

peter a

How casual a round? Casual enough to foot wedge that ProV out of the rocks and onto something resembling turf? Heck, take a stroke, but you have to own the clubs for a proper amount of time before dinging the crap outof them...!!

Ken O

I would have done what you did. After a while though ...

Mike C

Man, it's tough to put the first scratches on your new irons.  I looked over my 714's after one round and they are no longer pristine.  Oh well, they still look a lot better than the 712's they replaced! 

I guess I look at it as the clubs are meant to be played and they are going to get nicked up. Dirt and possibly little pebbles, I probably would swing on through (these could even be called typical lies under the trees in some places in Texas).  Bigger rocks that could go flying, take an unplayable (and the stroke) and move on down the road.

Enjoy the new irons!

jim k

Same happened to me while hitting a fee balls in my garden. Hit 9 iron only to find a stone lodged under the divit 9 iron now has nice mark on the sole. Ordered a new then it arrives with correct grip and shaft only problem its a 1/2 inch shorter might now just change the shaft from old 1 to new 1 will this work ????


Greg K

This is exactly what is about to happen with me playing in El Paso Texas.  These desert courses are rough on the clubs!  Maybe I'll carry my old 6 iron in order to avoid banging up the new clubs early!

This is not odd at all.

Good luck to all!


chris b

Winter rules is all I can say!!  Are we all going to be on Tour?  How "casual" of a round was it?  Did it make or break your round?  the problem is that we don't have the luxury of a Tour Van following us around to every tournament.  The pros get a nick, they get it replaced, no questions asked.  While we are stuck playing with scuffed clubs!  

just my two cents!  If it was me ... and I have a brand new set of 714 AP2's .... I would have moved the ball or taken the stroke!  I don't care what I was playing for.  

:) LOL 


that's a great idea.  May be i'll carry an old 6 iron until that honeymoon stage is over.


I still use iron covers on my 712 CB!  LOL  seriously, they just look amazing and I don't want all the bag chatter.  Unless I am in a tournament, I will move off of rocks and other items that may damage my clubs. 


not lame at all. Casual round..new irons I'm with ya! It's hard to put that first ding on the new set. Like you said in a few rounds/weeks you won't even think about it! 

Ryan B

Agree about the casual round...not taking any chance with the 714s!

david j

You guys are nuts... clubs are for playing not for looking at and polishing. Just hit them. They'll be just fine.

Michael C

You have to use the new club. They're irons, that's what they're meant to do!

Brad m

When I was a kid, someone told me when you hit a shot on a cart path, borrow a friend's wedge and knock it on the green. I didn't understand the joke until years later. Casual round, I would move it. You don't want to scratch your new clubs. I bought head covers for my new irons last year, and they still look like new, no bag chatter. 

Nick D

I don't blame you!  I have the 710s and I wouldn't hit them off rocks!!

Ross S

Using a 4 or 5 iron, 'putt' the ball to a safer place (where your swing is not mentally impeded!) play it well back and hit the ball at its equator. Any potential temporary disadvantage will be soon forgotten. Works - the game is played between the ears :-) 

David Browning

New or not, I'd use the club if I had to. 

Ross S

It is a friend of mine, a Titleist Ambassador, and Multi - event winner, who suggested to me the idea I mentioned about hitting the ball on its equator etc. he also says that (as claimed by another on this site) that Tour Players do not treat their clubs as disposable commodities.....


Melbourne Australia


Haha! I can totally relate! I just got some new AP1s and my first few times playing with them, I would either pull a hybrid or a wedge (depending on how far I needed to go), when playing in non-grassy areas haha!

Otis T

Depends on how much money is on the line at the time!