Little Titleist Loyalists

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Dr. Kovatchian

For those of you with Little Titleist Loyalists this is a ton of fun to do!!!

4th Annual Little Linksters “Best Pee Wee Golf Swing in the World” Video Contest

Here is My son Jack's Entry....Good Stuff!!!


Dr. K


Mike - awesome entry.  Jack is unbelievable.  i still love the one where he asks if it's ok to hit with the guys about 250 yards away on the green.  Have a great holiday.



What a great idea and contest! The talent is incredible based upon all the videos!

Mike C

Great video, Mike. I may have to send my 6-year old son (who also happens to be named Jack) down to Austin for a few lessons! Good luck with the contest

Chris P

Great move on the ball Jack. 

 Mike, you better stay on top of your game, he'll be catching you before you know it...That's the voice of experience speaking.



Dr. Kovatchian

Mike C

There are so many ways to get our kids interested in the game and little contests like this are a great way to get that spark going.

It's fun to see all the other types of swings our little golfers have...One can only hope that our kids continue to get better and grow playing this wonderful game.

Bring you Jack to Austin for some golf.


Dr. K