I have an idea what I might be getting for Christmas!

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The other day, I got a phone call from my daughter (struggling college student).  

She said "If you were a golfer, what kind of glove would you use?"

This is the same person that wants to play golf with me every summer, lol.  I told her Foot Joy, of course.

Then she asked me what size and what size shirt I wear.   lol

I wonder if she will wrap them :)


So now you get to fess up.  Did you actually receive a glove and a shirt, or just a glove?


LOL, Josh, she did wrap them in actual Christmas Wrapping Paper, however, she did put them both in an empty cereal box 1st :)


Yes, I got a nice WeatherSof Glove and a Red Polo Shirt, both in my size :)

Fred C

Josh G

During my college years I would have wrapped them with the student paper in a PBR box

LOL - Josh, in college years, many dad's are lucky to get a picture of a glove and shirt.

Gary B

I tried to start a new topic, but the button isn't clickable.

My new Titleist swag for Christmas was:

Winter Golf Mitts

2 Boxes Pro V1x

Vokey Shag Bag

Titleist Bag Towel

Now to order the Tour Stand Bag for my birthday, and I'm all set for the spring.