FootJoy DNA

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Sean Mac

Who's going to get these bad boys when they come out this weekend? I can't wait to go try them on and see how they feel! I will probably end up buying them.

Curtis M

Mine are on the FedEx truck as we speak.   Very excited!  Check out the FJ community.  A few people already have them and giving great reviews.  Sounds like they will be an amazing shoe.   Not like you would expect anything less from FJ or Titleist though. 

Brian D

Best Shoe available.  You wil not having anything feel better on your feet.  Privlidged to have a pair!

Thanks FJ!



I've got a pair too!  Can't wait for the snow to melt and get them on the course.  Feel GREAT indoors so far.

Tyler H

I have a pair on order and hope that they arrive before I head to Hilton Head the end of February.


I'm sure at some point this season a pair will be heading to my house.  From everything I've heard, this is one heck of a shoe!

Curtis S

Sweet ..... Definitely getting a pair . The only decision is which color to get .

Marc S

I've got a pair on order. Looking forward to being one of the first in my area to own a pair. #teamtitleist


These shoes are great!  Wore them during a store test at the Shoebox in Brockton and loved them. They will be added to my ICONs this spring. 

Joe L

OMG, ive been waiting for these to come out since ive first seen them advertised.  Coolest looking shoes ive seen in a long long time, think i'll go with the grey.  Just gotta save up a little $$$$ as $190 is a steep price for shoes, but i really like the looks of these, in all the color options



Sean Mac

Just got home from the Galaxy...Tried them on and loved them! Pulled the trigger. Got the white ones. Legit! Now just need this darn winter to end now!!!

james w

I never had a bad pair of fj's they all feel great , can't wait  to get a pair

Chris M

Was the fit of the DNA the same as your other FJ shoes? I went to try these on yesterday and thought I may need to go down a 1/2 size.