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andy r

Does anyone know if Titleist has their brand of a pre owned equipment site  ?

I know some of the other manufactures do, but then again they do not sell the best equipment in the sport as Titleist does.

Andrew W

2ndswing.com is one of the better used equipment sites I have seen.  They post actual pictures of everything they sell so you won't be surprised by overly worn clubs.  They carry every brand, but have a very large selection of Titleist products.  I've purchased a few items from them and they have been wonderful to deal with.

Billy E

I don't know of an official Titleist pre used site but I got my 910F in Excellent Condition for $70 from globalgolf.com and my 910H in Mint condition for $65. Great website!

Don O

Sean Mac

I've searched for such a site to no avail! Anybody else have anything? I know cally has a nice site for some used clubs at great prices. They are usually in better condition than they state too! If I can find a Titleist site that would be awesome!

Titleist (and png) don't offer resale sites.  The focus is on custom fit for you, so it would difficult to justify selling used stock clubs as an alternative - protecting the brand image.  BTW, TM also has a resale site.  3Balls is another unconnected resale site that offers a fair selection.  2nd Swing, Global Golf, and 3 Balls also have selections on e-Bay, if you are a savvy buyer.

AC RixRox

Golf Galaxy has some Pre Owned clubs. great thing about that, is you can try them on the indoor range simulator/computer and check your profile. You really NEED to do that first before you fall into the trial and error trap. Get fitted or fit your self. Your Pro will help you even if you are on a budget. God knows a lot of folks are. I find a lot of Pre Owned Titleist Clubs for sale or auction on ebay. The standard rating is 10-8. 10 being Brand New Never hit to grade 7 which are "ugly ducklings" good for Salvation Army Donation. Grade 8 is a club well played for several seasons and looks it. Wedges wear a lot faster than your other irons. You can ask your Pro if they are worth re grooving.


Titleist as a brand does not sell to the consumer directly.  Global Golf and 3Balls are probably the closest you'll find to meet your needs.  I've ordered from both and have been happy with both companies.


You can check ebay.  Just picked up a used 913H 24* hybrid.  It's in unreal condition and only 113 bucks shipped!

andy r

Thanks for the feedback .

I have purchased a couple Vokey wedges recently from Ebay , had to replace the grips but the grooves are in great shape.

andy r

Thanks, I will check them out .

andy r

Thanks for the info, I will check out their site and see what they have to offer.

AC RixRox

waaa! That is a Really good deal on a 913H 24

Joseph C

I know (3 balls) has used preowned titleist in varying conditions and its normally fairly priced. 

Good Luck.

Monty m

Golfsmith generally has used club sets and some are Titliest.