Thoughts on swing thoughts?

I have been working on slow takeaway so not to move my head( I sway) and slow to hit the ball

when you hit the ball solid it flies better, I am still going to try your though and see how it goes.

James team titleist

My best pre shot routine starts with standing behind the ball and getting a line and finding a target. Than one practice swing I address the ball and take a deep breath just prior to taking the in back I release my breath slowly focusing on one spot on the ball. Kind of like pulling the trigger on a gun. Be smooth and let your body take over. Works for me great most of the time and the breath control relaxes me. I heard yesterday that one LPGA golfer is using hypnosis in her training. She could have something there

It's odd but as a tall player, tempo is something I have to concentrate on. I have fought a quick takeaway my whole golfing life. I have tried to imitate Ernie's tempo since he became a mainstay on Tour. So, I actually in my head say his name to myself as I swing: "Errrrrrnnnniiiieeee ...!" Strange.....but it works for me. 

I hear you Mike..  A buddy of mine down in FL is a certified PGA golf instructor and gave me some tips with my swing.  The 2 biggest tips for me was to relax and have fun, let the club do the rest....   We'll see how that goes this summer..

Or else i'll be doing this (see below)

Interesting topic.....I've discovered that I'm much better off when I can limit it to just two swing thoughts as I prepare for the current ones are usually "head still" and "be aggressive"....

It's also better when these don't creep in during the swing itself......think, think, think.....stop thinking...!!!


Frank i have to agree with you, IMO Ernie has the smoothest swing on tour...  

This is such a great image! It could accurately represent 'the image' of what not to think about. I personally just visualize the ball leaving the turf and desired flight and landing the way I want it to. After that, grip and rip.

I usually pick one or two things I'm working on and think about that during the swing.  I find it helps to have one thing to focus on.  It keeps my mind from wandering and thinking of other random swing thoughts.

Christopher H

Frank i have to agree with you, IMO Ernie has the smoothest swing on tour...  

I'm glad you knew who I was talking about. That should have read "Errrrnnnniiiieee ...!" , with the last name being the through swing...

Pretty simple.... rotate front arm through swing.  Quiet lower body on backswing and active on downswing, eye on the ball from takeaway through contact.  The things like wrist hinge and weight shift come with the package.

The basic golf swing doesn't change, even with a pitch or chip.

I have had several swing thoughts that have worked over the years but the one thought that has worked for me for the past year is to start my backswing with my shoulders and keep the club head outside of my hands. If I do that everything usually falls into place.

Starting with my shoulders keeps my shoulders, arms and hands in a one piece take away and rotating keeping my body behind the ball and maintaining my address spine angle all take place without any further thought. Unfortunately when I get under some pressure I do not use my swing thought and get way to quick and bad results follow. I think this is why I have a teenage handicap.

The start with the shoulder works for everything including putting except when chipping or in a greenside bunker. For those situations my swing thought is my first move is to hinge and hold (Phil's method for the short game.)