TT Ohio Outing Set! Last Call For RSVP's If You Wish To Play...!!


Luke W

So no deposits now just show up?


That is correct, TPC has waived the deposits so we are good to go!  Just show up!!


awesome sounds good!! cant wait and hopefully i can get my game dialed in. i cant hit the new 714 ap2s to save my life

This sounds like a lot of fun.  I have that day off as my Birthday is the 25th but probably can't make it at this late notice.  Everyone have a great time and play the rounds of your life.  Hope the weather is great.  Maybe i can join in next year.

chris what time are tee times and what time should we be there friday?

Luke W

chris what time are tee times and what time should we be there friday?


Everyone should arrive by or around 10am, then we can divide up players into groups...our first tee time is 10:50am.  Plus we have some gifts etc... See you at TPC Riversbend Friday!

Are you going to post pictures for us from the outing?

Pictures will be posted both here and on our TT Ohio Group on Facebook.  I'll take plenty, all players, and I usually take photo's of each hole so I should have plenty.

The weather is shaping up to be "Perfect" for tomorrow's outing!  Cannot wait to see everyone!  Bring your sunglasses!


Have fun, guys! Wish we could be there with you. Can't wait to see all of the pictures.

Play well and go low!

- Mike

I want to Did they all fail to come out viewable, or did you guys get so wild you could not afford to post any of them?  Come on, dish...know what happened to the pictures. 

Hey Pulp,

The pics are at "TT Ohio - 1st Game - Thanks Titleist" thread.  This was an old thread that I wanted to fire up again to get everyone in the mood for a Fall Outing and they are all already following this thread.  Trying a little work smart not hard tactic!!!  Haha.  

Dan H