Low Back Pain - stretching before a round of golf

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This may be a question for the TPI guys, however I believe that many TT members will know what I am talking about here.  So I am looking for your thoughts.

Several weeks ago, I developed some slight pain in the right side of my lower back - nothing serious, just annoying. Ice and Tylenol have done the trick.

Any suggestions for stretches before a round of golf?

Carl T

Check out "The Foundation" on the web. I ordered the DVD and book and it has turned my lower back issues around. It is a stretching routine that focus on the lower back. Also you will become more flexible which should improve your ball striking. Don't expect any results for 4 to 6 weeks but if you perform the basic stretches a few times a week you will notice a big difference in your lower back. Stay away from steroid shots if at all possible. You want to strengthen tissue, not destroy it. Good luck.



Nagging injuries (meaning those that prevent us from doing what we love) are the worst.

This last year I've been sidelined with lower back, chondromalicia patella (knee) and golfer's elbow.

The back was from swinging way too hard and rest was the best remedy.  But more than rest I believe, at least in my case, has been stretching.  The most overlooked "exercise" people should be doing on a daily basis.

Exercise is tedious and it feels like we're not really doing anything.  Far from it.  As we get older, our tendons "dry up," become less elastic and this shortening causes injuries if not properly warmed up.

Long story short, I stretch before and after golf.  It is the MOST essential thing you can do to not only prevent but to prolong your golfing injury free and being more productive on the golf course and in day to day activities.

good luck.



Thanks men - I appreciate the feedback.  I'll keep you posted!

Chris S

Hi Todd,

Here's some good videos from TPI


Also keep an eye out for a show on TGC called Performance Institute.  They had an entire show that focused on lower back.. Maybe you can find that episode online.

Chris S