Titleist Scorecard Holder

Agreed! I would put one of those in the bag, or should I say pocket?

That is a for sure buy, love to have one.


I agree, I need a new holder mine is covered with the "Man fix all" Duct tape. So it is really all that silver/gray and looks like something out of a Star Trek program!

I think all this discussion on the scorecard holder ad the TEAM Titleist Gear, needs to be addressed by the good folks at Titleist.  I know I would buy Shirts or Hats and  scorecard holder for us Titleist fans.  Please Titleist makes some special ger for yor loyal fans!!

I'd take one!

Here's a Vokey one on GolfWRX.


I just checked ebay and there are three up for auction right now. Best of luck to any member here who tries to get one.



PS, I would think it would also be very nice if Team Titleist would offer one for us here. :)