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Years ago, I used to have a Titleist scorecard holder/yardage book cover.  It was great, but I lost it.  Anyone know where I could get another one?  Are they still made?  Thanks.

bernie w

I'm sure if team titleist had shirts,hats,alignment rods and scorecard yardage book covers for sale for tt members they would FLY like a pro v1x off the shelves!!!!

Olivia S

Definatly would buy one if they were avalible! Also a fan of exclusive Titleist items for sale for Team Titleist memebers.


I would love one of these!  Hopefully one shows up in the mail one day

Eric B

I wouldn't mind receiving a Titleist Scorecard holder, I have not seen any good ones at the stores, I had to put a Titleist sticker on the front. Look okay but not the real deal.
Eric from OC,

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John F

They offer u one ?? 

John F

They send u one or can u buy one 


I agree this is a great idea.  There are a few high quality people making them, one if Florida comes to mind, but without authorization the Titleist logo/name is not going on them.  Thus, it would be nice if the kind folks at TT could arrange for such an opportunity and we could go directly to one of these yardage book cover manufacturers.  Just a thought...

Lucas P

I'm with everyone else on here. I don't need freebies, but it would be nice if we could get a scorecard holder, along with the shirts that have been discussed on here recently. Hopefully a TT staff member will comment shortly on this..?

Tommy Boy

I also have no problem paying for them and love Titleist products and would be freaking thrilled to get my hands on one.

John F

They make em with the logo ?  

David S

I'd happy pay for one. 

Karl H

I also would make the purchase.


Count me in on a purchase!!!


I would be happy to purchase one as well..