Titleist shirts

Hi Gene,


We usually have polos and other apparel available through Vokey.com every 4-6 weeks.  The best way to be notified of this is to sign up for our email list at Vokey.com or follow us on Twitter @VokeyWedges.  


Hope you find some Vokey and Titleist gear that you like.  


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Dave N.

Vokey Team  


Yes - in ever color

Amen! I would love to have both titleist golf wear and work out shirts with the logo. Golf has brought fitness into the fold why not have a fitness lime as well?

You can get the workout shirts on the TPI website.

I agree.  I have owned Titleist shirts in the past and liked them very much.  I play Titleist golf balls, have a Titleist golf bad and wear Titleist hats; I would also like to wear Titleist shirts.

How about something better?  Acushnet owns FootJoy too.  They are making some of the best quality golf apparel on the market.  The polos are amazing, the pants and shorts look classy and perform excellent.  Not to mention the merino sweaters and other layering options with beats, pullovers etc.

if you haven't tried you should.  I used to wear swoosh, under amour, Peter Millar, Polo Golf, etc.  now?  Only FJ head to toe

get a customized Footjoy shirt with titleist on it

josh w

get a customized Footjoy shirt with titleist on it

Excellent idea Josh - I've ordered several FJ shirts through our golf shop that have the FJ tour collar and Titleist on the sleeve. You may even be able to get the TT or BV logo on the chest.

i do know that you can get them with titleist on them because i got 4 shirts with it on them at the FJAI this year but that is possible

Yes, I agree that their is a huge market for Titleist clothes. I am seeking pants with Titleist logo above rear pocket. Please keep me informed.

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John Shaw


Thanks , for that post. 

Great looking apparel from Vokey.

I bleed true titleist, sock hat, hat, umbrella, bag, clubs and balls only thing missing is apparell. What about it titleist?

I have a black polo "titleist" golf shirt.  My favorite.  All black with "titleist" in white letters on the left side.  So somebody was selling those shirts.

Got to agree with all comments above....I would definitely purchase some Titleist polo shirts etc if I could find them...